Your Pearls of Sharing are something you can earn even before your starter kit arrives in the mail!

A sharing appointment is an opportunity for a friend, family member or new client to learn more about Mary Kay and give their feedback on the opportunity. During your pearls of sharing you will be doing “practice sharing appointments” with anyone who is willing to help you complete your training. This can be done easily by having your friend watch a video on our website! Click the link below to see videos that are great for friends & family to watch to learn more on the opportunity. 

MK Opportunity


You will earn EARRINGS with your first three sharing appointments

a BRACELET with your next three, and a GORGEOUS Necklace with your first team member!

You may chose to call, email or text someone to help.

Think of the people in your life that you love the most, admire, like to be around, make you smile, and you would love their support.  There are sample text scripts and emails listed below for your use.

The key is to be sure to personalize it by filling in her name and the reason why you chose her. When determining the reason, be genuine with her!  For example, I chose you because I have always admired the way you are with your kids or because you are always prepared or because you are so fun to be with, etc.

You may also book guests for your weekly success night!  Having a guest out for a makeover and having her see the Mary Kay culture and hearing info about our company will also count as a Pearls of Sharing!

Text a friend and ask:

“Hi Sarah! With my new Mary Kay venture, I need to practice sharing the Mary Kay opportunity with 6 of the sharpest women I know to get their feedback. Even if you aren’t interested, it’s okay! Any chance you could watch a quick video link about our company and give feedback on our company information, it helps me with my training?”

To text out videos, there are some available on our Rogers Racers Website (just click the opportunity tab!)

Sample Email to Send:

Hello _______!!!

I am really excited to announce that I have recently started a business with Mary Kay Cosmetics!  As part of my training, I need to borrow 6 of the sharpest women I know to help me with my training!  I chose you because _____

So, I am wondering if you could help?  All I need is you to watch a video or listen to a recording for me and then do a quick follow up phone call with me and my director, Becky.  She will ask you some questions and I need you to answer them honestly and just give your opinion of the recording or video.   This will help me with my training so I can hear the questions she asks.  Also, if the recording/video generates any questions on your end- it would be helpful to me if you asked those as well!   These videos do contain information about our company.  This is intended to really just share information with you and help me with my training.  Mary Kay may be for you, but it might totally not be for you.  Either way is totally great with me…. again, I am just looking for your opinion!

 CHOOSE 1, 2 or all 3 videos to watch or listen to a recording– it is up to you!  You will earn one entry into a drawing for a Kate Spade handbag and a free mineral eye color for helping me out! If you would like more than one entry or more than one eye color- feel free to watch them all!

If you are willing to do this, please email me back and let me know which one you will be listening to and two or three times that you would be available for a follow up call.  (I would prefer to set a time to call you with my director and treat it more like an appointment so that we can avoid playing phone tag!)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  This helps me more than you know and I would greatly appreciate your help!!!

Sharing Form