Becky's Story

Sales Director Becky Rogers is an offspring of NSD Lisa Madson. She began her business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant in October of 2004. That February, she had moved from Green Bay, WI to Boulder, CO in hopes to find a new adventurous life in the mountains and had a great job offer in Boulder working as a landscape architect. Once there, she found it was hard to meet people when you are working 40-50 hours a week and also LOVED the idea of getting her products at 50% off! She started slowly, with little knowledge about skin care and make up and no friends in her new town. For the first five years, she worked her Mary Kay business as a hobby or part time job and loved the fact that she could be around positive women, meet new people, and really valued all the educational opportunities! In 2009, in the thick of the “great recession,” she had her first son Tommy and six weeks after his birth, her husband and herself lost their jobs on the same day. She put her “Plan B” in place. Becky worked with passion and purpose, gaining skills, and seeing 30 faces a month. Within a year, earned her first diamond ring from Mary Kay, first free car, and promoted to the position of Sales Director.

What she loves today about her Mary Kay business is that she is a work at home mom, who gets to be a mom when she wants and at the same time gets to work with amazing, positive women with an unlimited income opportunity!  She now has two boys; Tommy and Charlie and can run her business successfully around their schedules.  Becky’s favorite thing is watching her unit members have success in this business- weather it is their first party, a new booking, a $300 party, or a new team member!  It is so fun to watch these women grow and develop into CEO’s of their own companies! 

“I design my own life and have the ability to work when I want to and not when I have to. Recently, I have taken full advantage of the “no territories” rule in Mary Kay, and have relocated my business back to Wisconsin. I love the fact that at each facial I hold, I can make a woman feel great! Every time I share this MK opportunity, I can help women remember to DREAM!”