Discuss with Becky if you would like to hold a business debut party!

(Click on the image below to print your invites!)

Go back to your contact list from Step one.  Circle the people that you love the most or that you know love you!  These people are the ones you can count on! Start with them!

Hey Maria! It’s Becky! How are you? I wanted to see if you would be willing to help me with something? I just started my new Mary Kay business and I need faces to practice on so that I know what I’m doing! LOL? The products you would be using are high quality, much like what you’d experience at a spa.  Would you have time for a quick 45 minute facial in the next 10 days? Would a weekday or weekend work best? And, as a thank you, I’d love to gift you with one of our coveted swag bags!

How to make the swag bag!  Grab a cute cello bag from the dollar store and put in there a sample from your starter kit, a piece of candy and your business card.  Bags should cost you less than $2 a piece.

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